Real Estate Coaching In The Netherlands

Start Now to build your Dutch Portfolio

As an interior architect and international real estate investor, I can shorten your path to financial freedom with real estate, so that you can start your real estate portfolio in the Netherlands.

We start with an intake conversation so that we can make a plan together and that when you start the program, it is clear that you are going to learn. We will work together on your real estate strategy so that you can buy your first home in the short term.

This way you create passive income in your life so that you can do more fun things with the time you have left. There is much more to life than hard work “it’s called smart work”

Real Estate Coaching About Spain

Start Now making your dream come true… a home under the Spanish Sun

Learn how to invest in real estate in Spain or look for your second home yourself.

Starts creating an international real estate portfolio under the Spanish sun.

The Netherlands is a country where almost everything is written in black and white. Unfortunately this is not the case everywhere in Spain.

I can help you in various ways to get your real estate investments in order and also to guide you through the entire process.

You can then think of:

to find the right object
financing process,
purpose of the house,
your investment strategy,
and how you can start building an international portfolio.

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