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"You don't want vacancy, but rent out as soon as possible and a good tenant"

You have a tenancy notice and you do not want vacancy but rent out the house as soon as possible and a good tenant. You can do two things. Engaging your local rental agent, you will then immediately lose the first month’s rent on brokerage costs or you try to rent it out yourself.

You choose to do it yourself because that will save you a lot of money. You place an advertisement and get reactions and people want to look at your home. During the viewing, half show up and the other half you don’t hear anything about it anymore. People are enthusiastic and want to rent, but you doubt whether they can pay the rent? The delivery of a few working documents by your new tenant also takes a long time and you doubt whether it is all right. Should you continue with this tenant or better stop and keep looking? You realize that you are quite busy with it. Just a lot of communication in advance of a viewing. Then you still have to check with the tenant and draw up a lease. In short: There is quite a lot of work and time involved, perhaps a rental agent is worth something to you?

Large reach of potential tenants

Who does not know Funda? Funda and Pararius are the largest and best-known housing websites in the Netherlands. They have a reach of thousands of serious potential home seekers per month.

The ideal tenant

How do you know that the rental candidates who are interested in your home are also good candidates and do you not waste your time with a viewing? Can your potential tenant provide the necessary documentation if he or she wants to rent? Are there debts, fraud or garnishment of wages?

Power of good photos or a video

Beautiful and clear photos of your home will attract more home seekers who may be interested in your home. There is a clear and clear picture of the condition of your home. This allows you to rent out your home faster.

Digital rental contract

A good lease is half the battle. Legislation changes regularly. Are you aware of the latest developments? And how handy is it if you no longer have to print the lease to sign?


The best and what you can never do wrong. Who knows the house better than you? Direct contact with potential tenants. Experience whether you have a click with your potential new tenant during the viewing.

Manage your rental administration online

How handy is it if you enter your home once with photos and can easily put it online again with a new rental? Or that your rental contract, inspection report and energy label are linked to your entered home. All your rental documents are always available online.

Online Rental Agent

Hi, I’m Natalia Mora

As a real estate mentor with international professional experience in the real estate sector and all its different facets and also in different countries, I can help you choose the best investment strategy and also make the best of your new purchase.

Then I was taking care on my own of my 4 daughters and I began to manage the portfolio of several investors to rent them to foreigners in Holland, and founded my company “Rentals For Expats”.

Now with a lot of love I dedicate myself mainly to teaching others to enjoy life more and create financial freedom by creating a portfolio of investments in real estate, in Holland, Spain or Colombia and of course.

On the other hand, as a woman and a mother, I have had to get up many times after falling into the daily difficulties of life, to give my 4 daughters what they need and what I also want. I make one of my greatest wishes is to empower women to take responsibility for their financial freedom in this very masculine world, and use their femininity as their great strength and not as a weakness.

For this reason I have founded with 5 wonderful and professional women an “Independent Woman Foundation” where we educate about real estate, share knowledge and also do fundraising events to support charities. such as “The Forgotten Child” and “NEOS” a foundation for women who have suffered domestic violence.

Experiences of Our Landlords

“Fantastic real estate agent. I called on Friday afternoon and had found a tenant less than a week later. Is flexible and guides you smoothly through the process, for a reasonable price.”

Kees van Bochove
October, Utrecht

“What a nice company. We had already found tenants for our home ourselves, Marktpand then arranged the rest. Always friendly and easily accessible, neat service, clear online environment. Definitely value for money from our point of view. In summary: neat, reliable and fast service with a smile.”

Freek Kusters
September, Utrecht

“How wonderful that Cynthia took everything off my hands. From finding a top tenant, to arranging all documents, going through the documents, thinking along. I definitely couldn’t have done this on my own.””

Inge Orlemans
August, Utrecht

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